Increasing TPT's online presence

The Personal Trainers had already built up a social online presence but had yet to convert that to a website. They wanted a website which would give all the information that their customers would need before speaking to them personally.

TPT user experience and web design case study


Getting to know the stakeholders

In order to get a good understanding about their personal training business I conducted a stakeholder interview. This gave key insight into their business and what they were looking to achieve both short and long term. Their short term goals were to encourage business growth through their tailored 12 week plans. They also wanted to advertise about their general services if people were unable to commit to 12 weeks.

The next step was to conduct 5 user interviews, this was an assortment of current clients, old clients and users looking to get a personal trainer. After these interviews I created a trending analysis to prioritise the user wants and needs.

Key challenges

  • Promote USP: 12 week plans
  • Promote other services
  • Provide clear information and advice
  • Keep it simple to start with
  • Conduct user interviews
  • What was important to TPT
    • Increase awareness
    • Promote unique plans
    • Showcase all services
    • Bulk discounted pricing
    • Hub of information about their services
  • What was important to users
    • Needed to trust them
    • Qualifications and experience
    • Wanted a tailored experience
    • Price should be on website
    • Having a tailored meal plan

Trending analysis:

TPT needed to instil a sense of trust to their users to encourage them to get in touch. It was important to highlight their experience as well as having a professional website.

Wireframes & Design

Homepage wireframe for TPT website

Creating a visual hierarchy

I created a sitemap based around both the user and business goals. Where it was descriptive enough for users to know what they could expect when they clicked on a navigation item. The navigation titles that I've now put in place were the most successful in my guerrilla testing.

There was one key call to action on the homepage and that was the ‘Meet the team’. This was to help guide people to learn more about the trainers in order to gain their trust.

Design & research tools

  • Pen & Paper sketching
  • Guerrilla testing wireframes / messaging
  • Sketch
  • InVision App

Testing the messaging

I gave 10 participants five different messages that could be on the homepage. I asked them how each one made them feel and to order them from their most to their least favourite.

This gave interesting insight into which message worked across all key personas and helped decide the initial launch copy for the website.


Macbook image
TPT Home UX design and development project results

Tools used

  • Sublime Text 3
  • HTML / CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • GIT version control

Current engagement is through the use of online social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Using a mobile first approach catered for all those who accessed the site.


In the first month there were 36% new conversions

Launching the website saw an increase of 36% new enquiries from the previous month where Facebook had previously been their main point of contact. Having the website and the social media platforms work for together helped to increase the enquiry rate and conversions.

The site received positive feedback from current users, we also gained insight from those accessing the site for the first time through our HotJar questionnaire.

36% new enquiries from the previous month UX Design and development project results

“Working with Lucy has been fascinating! We’ve learnt so much about the business which I didn’t expect when enquiring about a website. I can’t wait to work on our next exciting project together.”

Emily Marie, Co-Founder, The Personal Trainers

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