Breathing new life into FPV UK

I was tasked with updating and bringing new life into FPV UK. Their focus was to sell their liability insurance as well as promoting their membership benefits and information about drones. Their old site was disorganised and hard to understand what they were providing.

FPV UK user experience and web design case study


Identifying user and business concerns

The previous website had good quality content but was displayed in an unfriendly way. When user testing the old website people commented on how there was too much text and they frequently skipped over it. They also found the site architecture hard to understand as there were topics that didn’t match the focus of the website.

FPV wanted to keep the content the same as much as possible but were happy for me to change the information architeture (IA) to create a more cohesive website.

Key challenges

  • Promote USP: Liability insurance
  • Promote other membership benefits
  • Provide clear information and advice
  • Simplify navigation
  • Simplify key content
  • Navigation Before
    • Home
    • FPV Drone Racing
    • What is FPV?
    • The Law
    • Join FPV UK
    • Contact Us
    • Government Consultation on Drones
  • Navigation After
    • Membership & Benefits
    • The Law
    • Local Clubs
    • Contact
    • Join Us

Card Sort:

Using a card sort with 20 participants I was able to simplify the IA so at first glance users could understand and navigate the site better.

Card sort example titles for FPVUK


Designing for content

Having a good understanding of the site architecture helped me to sketch out some low fidelity wireframes. Once I was happy with the general layout I created a set of high fidelity wireframes which I guerrilla-tested on 3 participants.

Two of the participants were confused by ‘The Law’ navigation item and found it too much of a ‘scary’ word. This prompted me to change the navigation item to ‘Current Advice’ which was more descriptive and less intimidating.

Design & research tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Optimal Workshop - card sort
  • Pen & Paper sketching
  • Guerrilla Testing
  • Sketch
  • InVision App
Homepage visual of FPV UK
Current Advice visual for FPV UK
Join a club visual for FPV UK
Homepage wireframe for FPV UK
Current Advice wireframe for FPV UK
Join clubs wireframe for FPV UK
Widget designed for FPV UK to increase conversions

Focusing on goals

The main purpose of the site is to encourage users to sign up to FPV UK as a member where they’ll receive £5 million in public liability insurance as well as support and advice from the community.

In order to keep this focus a widget was created for each page which gave all the upfront information people needed with a clear call to action for users to join.


Mobile and desktop united

Responsive: During the initial research I found that 40% of the sites traffic was coming from people on their mobile and tablet devices. The old site was not designed for mobile so it was important that the new site was designed in a responsive mobile first approach.

Modern Code: The site was developed using HTML5 & CSS3 with a Bootstrap framework as the foundation. It was built mobile first to ensure that no matter the size of the device all the important information is retained and is clear and easy for the user to navigate.

Easy management: WordPress was then integrated resulting in a robust experience for the product owner that can be easily maintained and edited.

Development tools

  • Sublime Text 3
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • GIT version control

Over 40% of users are now catered for with an all new mobile experience

UX Designed mobile first approach


Results on launch day

The first day the site launched we saw over 300 new membership plans purchased and had great feedback from customers even with a new price increase. Customer feedback showed they were happy with the new site and thought it added value and investment into the membership plan.

Through continued A/B testing we were able to work on different marketing messages on the homepage to increase conversions throughout the site.

300 new conversions
 with continued growth UX Design and development project results

“Since the launch, I’ve received many compliments on the design - I love the new and improved look. Lucy has worked tirelessly on this project and has met every deadline with great communication. I can’t wait to start the next project!”

Simon Dale, Founder, FPV UK

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